« The performance is not seizable as the opportunity, we create it … »

For 20 years, Générale Pharmaceutique Services (G.P.S.) has continued to evolve and to adapt to the national and international pharmaceutical environment, in order to provide its clients and partners the best services.

Facing the cost and the risk of a direct promotion structure in some geographical zones, the pharmaceutical laboratories study very carefully the controlled outsourcing of this activity with a strong added value.

We endeavour to find modern solutions to men and women of the pharmaceutical industry wishing to outsource the sales force or the promotion while guaranteeing a quality label.

With it’s 20 years experience in the field, GPS position itself as a real interface between the pharmaceutical laboratories and the health world players: prescribers, thaught leaders, pharmacists, ministry of health, pharmacy and medicine directorate …

Our clients and partners success is our success. Therefore , we look after building business dealings which allow to guarantee the growth of our client and partners in the Algerian Pharmaceutical market.



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Customer guidance

Customer guidance

GPS exists and persists for more than 20 years thanks to its clients ; It sets the goal of offering them a quality service, it also aims to build long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and a perfect understanding of the needs of customers (partners).



GPS deal with its customers with respect and dignity according to the most rigorous principles of interpersonal relationships.



GPS aims to create a stimulating work environment that acknowledges individual initiative and encourages the sense of responsibility in order to generate an added value to the quality of work with the ultimate goal of providing an impeccable service to partners (customers).


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When a pharmaceutical company decides to entrust GPS with the promotion of its products, it benefits from the experience and skills of all its managers.

The flexibility of the structure within G.P.S makes it possible to exchange and share knowledge internally for better management of customer requests.

In addition to controlling the regulatory aspects of medical promotion, our employees' approach to customer service makes all the difference.

Our staff is insightful and attentive to customers. He proactively anticipates their needs and meets their requirements.


Our commitment to customers is to create added value to our services that can be
measurable and tangible, including:

  • Optimization of services.
  • The skills to intervene, from the needs analysis to the commissioning of the partnership.
  • Compliance with the client's requirements and deadlines.
  • Personalization of services according to the client's vision and his policy.
  • Application and compliance with the regulations in force.
  • Constant monitoring of customer needs.
  • Uniformity of benefits.
  • Flexibility in administrative processes.

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